Fun Winter Activities Near Waller, TX

white ice skates gliding on ice

Being in Waller, Texas, during winter is definitely a unique experience. Although it’s not likely to be a snow-covered wonderland, you can have an unforgettable winter! Need help deciding what to include in your plans with family and friends? Here are some winter activities near Waller, Texas, to have a blast.

Go on a Horseback Adventure

Horseback riding in winter? Yes, it’s possible! This Waller County horseback adventure has abundant trails you can explore for a great experience that includes some amazing seasonal views.

Entertain Yourself at Topgolf

If there’s an ultimate entertainment destination in Texas, it’s Topgolf. Located only a short drive to Katy or Houston, Texas, it is undoubtedly a winter essential. Put on your favorite sweater, reserve your bay, enjoy the cold weather with delicious food and drinks, and practice your swing. You can also choose to stay indoors and enjoy the cool atmosphere vibes.

Go Ice Skating at Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex

Of course, what’s winter without some winter sports? Go ice skating at Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex, one of the most popular winter activities near Waller, Texas. With a huge skating rink and special attractions, you can have a winter day you’ll never forget. Remember to stay warm!

Go Hiking at the 100 Acre Wood Preserve

Speaking of staying warm, go on a hike to sweat out the cold weather. The 100 Acre Wood Preserve is an excellent place for winter hikes along nature trails full of scenic views and wildlife. To commemorate the season, there’s sure to be a perfect spot for some winter-themed photos with family and friends!

Relax at Mary Jo Peckham Park

Katy, Texas, never runs out of year-round fun activities, and it’s just a short drive from Waller. During winter, Mary Jo Peckham Park is one of the places you should visit. It’s an excellent spot for relaxation, so you can go on a stroll or take photos in the park. Many families also enjoy winter picnics here.